Russia is renowned for its great tradition in iconography. This kind of picture writing has its origins in the Eastern Orthodoxy. Icons are not worshiped, but honored by believers. Many are affected by the spiritual and relaxing atmosphere.

Phoenix Lacquer Art (PLA) reflects itself as a promoter for these refined artistic performances. We translate in our own way the world of iconography to the world of lacquer art. Continuous we produce a wide range of themes and beautiful performances at the exclusive in Russia hand painted writing instruments (better known as fountain pens).

Together with the Russian artists we create an unique, prolonged partnership aiming for excellence. Without exception these artists belong to the best of what the Russian tradition of lacquer art can offer. A commitment we cherish.

A product of PLA must therefore apply to the following criteria: a constant striving for excellence in both artistry and product selection. For this service level to achieve PLA invests continuously in its dialogue of knowledge and experience with a peer group of artists, clients, employees and suppliers.

It is an ongoing challenge to produce objects that can be considered to the highest possible international standards. For example; to preserve the exclusive nature of PLA objects the editions allways vary between 1 to 7 copies. In other words owning a PLA object is a special and lifelong commitment to one of Russia's most traditional expressions; the refined art of lacquer miniatures. Straight from the heart of Russia.